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Can't connect, incorrect login credentials

App not working, tried logging out then back in again, as I've done many times with this app.
Now I cannot get back in, telling me my credentials are incorrect.
This app is quite sad, fix someone?

So after being on hold for over an hour with support, I'm told that there is an outage with the app.
Would've been nice if there was just a post about that instead of wasting my time just to be told to wait..

Just Moved In
Same here… app sucks

Just Moved In
Mine not working as well. Hasn’t worked for over an hour. Wondering if anyone is working on a fix.

Helpful Neighbour

Same problem with ours as well! Did all the usual fix attempts but no luck so far.

Friendly Neighbour

I just got back in after changing my password. Wouldn't work otherwise. This app sucks in so many ways.

I changed my password and it still won't let me. I'm so FECKING SICK OF THIS APP! I expect MORE from TELUS!

Helpful Neighbour

Resetting the password worked for me! Thanks!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Qix @tporter2u @musicfreakcat @CGBG @vancouveric 


We experienced a server outage this evening, and are getting things back up and running, but there may be intermittent login issues which is causing login failures and error messages. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you're still having trouble I'd recommend force-quitting your apps and trying again. Everything seems to be working across TELUS TV Digital Box, Sony TV, Apple TV and iOS for me right now.