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Why is OPTIK TV Bit rate so slow?


I been researching TELUS TV where ever I go to someones house the picture is clear but bit rate is low..  even over Ethernet +  fiber optic  1gbs.

Im I a little far fetched?  alot of people have been complaining.   

I have HD Satellite from almost 15 years and love the quality, lots of color and rich. Even at 720p.     TELUS TV not there yet.  (1080) in display settings as well..


is there a menu one can increase the bit rate? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

It doesn’t matter what provider you choose they all use compression. Not sure who’s complaining about picture quality? You linked to a two year old post. 

Telus is delivering the required bitrate for HD and 4K video. There no no option to “increase or decrease” bitrate. 

"You linked to a two year old post. " so ? let it be 5 years old. it shows the problem was still there


it was not a problem in 2011 bitrate was much higher. 

A 60hz not true 120hz also creates motion blur, up-scaling also can create picture quality issues. If it was i wide spread problem there would be many posts on the neighbourhood stating as such.Have you watched a true 4K feed and noticed any issues?