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How do we get rid of the ads that pop up right on the screen WHILE you’re watching your show? Aside from quitting Telus that is, there must be another way. We get SO frustrated with it, being marketed TO DEATH by this, I could quit Telus in a heartbeat and just watch Netflix and Amazon. Is there a way? 


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The reason Netflix and Amazon don't have commercials is because you pay to get the service without ads. Regular broadcasters rely on ads to survive. You MAY be able to avoid the advertising by watching the show on a streaming service like Crave. Some channels have their own streaming service but MAY have ads inserted that you cannot fast forward through:-( 

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Has nothing to do with Telus, talk to the broadcaster or submit a complaint to the crtc 

Friendly Neighbour

2 hour movies sometimes run for 3 hours.

End of show credits are shrunk to the corner of the screen to make way for ads on the rest of the screen.

And now during regular programming we have what started out originally as a small rectangle ad that moved across the bottom of the screen and stopped in the middle for a few seconds and then zipped back. Now its a solid rectangular bar sometimes all the way across the bottom of the screen and stays for more than just a few seconds... I've seen channels where there are both a vertical and horizontal bar ad at the same time.

So get used to it my friend. It's not going to get any better. In fact I think worse. Advertisers are going to start taking advantage of the popular 'wide screen' TV's. Soon your TV screen is going to look like a Web page with ads running down both sides of your TV screen, or streaming ads along the bottom like on the news channel scrolling ticker News bulletins.

All of this is not the fault of TELUS. I think they have to take what they're given and just shoot it down the optic fiber to our television sets.

The only thing I see a person can do to stop seeing the regular commercials is to get a PVR box from TELUS and fast forward through the commercials of the recorded programs.  I don't watch TV without the remote in my hand at all times. Not much you can do about the pop ups because the texts are imbedded right into the program your watching.

And remember to use your 'MUTE' button (small button in the middle of the remote control with the crossed out speaker icon) to toggle the sound off and on during regular live programming...

Thanks so much for your response to the concern about the ads.

Unfortunately, it looks like cable providers are really going to lose business. We had already discussed dropping channels with too many ads that pop up WHILE watching a show (not talking about the 20 or so ads that are in-between-segments of the show) and if what you’ve said about the future of ads comes to fruition in the future, we’ll eventually cancel most of our basic cable service and just stay with Amazon and Netflix. We just do not want to sit and be the “victims” of a constant barrage of ads. We can’t be the only folks feeling that way.

I guess we’ll see going forward.

Thanks again for the response.

Shelley Soden

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Netflix is supposed to be adding ads later this year on some tiers.

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