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TV Guide

Just Moved In

Anyone else having issues with the TV guide that Telus don't seem to be able to  rectify?? I have along list of issues driving me crazy!!


Community Power User
Community Power User

What seems to be the issue(s)? You do realize guide data is provided by a third party not telus.

Hi, If I set a series recording for a show say on Monday, and then check future recordings it will show recording on Tuesday, not Wed not Thurs not Fri but the following week it will show recording set every day but come Sunday no recordings for the up coming week but recordings the following week. Also recordings set for "new and repeats" I know the show is on but sometimes nothing is recorded. Sometimes it won't let me record a show says I must set the recording manually, but I will try a while later and it sets. These are my biggest complaints plus some others. Who does the TV guide for Telus?

Thanks for your response, Hope you follow what I mean.