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Missing episode

On Demand is missing season 6 episode 23 (part 1 of the series finale) of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I tried using the chat to report it but the chat is down for home services. The phone number the chat said to use just rings busy. I'd really like to watch the series finale of a show I've watched 6 seasons of please.


I don't have a solution, but I wanted to point out that I'm experiencing the same issue with other shows, namely StarTrek Discovery ... the whole thing - and many others - disappeared from the OnDemand offerings for CTV SciFi. It sure looks like changes to their content agreements with the studios ... would be appropriate if they let their customers know, yes?

Mine is a little different as it says the episode is there but when you play it it jumps to the next episode. But yes, it's frustrating when things aren't there randomly.

Yours sounds even more frustrating … so close, yet so far out of reach 😉 … something happened to their PikTV offerings … hope they’ll get their marbles together soon.