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subscribe to just ONE HD TV channel?

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WHY can't customer's subscribe to just ONE HD channel, like Discovery HD without having to buy a whole Package? A show that I like Highway Through Hell, is only available on Discovery. But Discovery is not available for individual, stand-alone, subscription. A customer MUST buy the entire Adventure Package. RIDICULOUS! I'll be so happy when the cable companies are forced by law to offer each channel for subscription; at package rates not jacked up prices because of the 'convenience' factor.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you paid any attention to the media lately? (Like the last few years?) The CRTC is trying to force the channel owners to unbundle channels. Right now the channel owners can control which channels are offered a la carte and providers like Shaw and Telus don't have any choice. Since it's the CRTC, it'll take quite some time for this to get fixed. You are best off to direct your comments to the CRTC directly. The more they hear from us, possibly the faster they'll do something.


Biggest thing you'll want to note is that when channels are sold individually, the cost per channel is far higher than the bundle price per channel.

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