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Why a 1 Hr. 20 Min. Wait Times for Customer Service Rep Online?

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I had a relatively simple question and one I believed to be resolved using the self-serve online method. Imagine my surprise to discover 1) that what I wished to do needed to be managed by a customer service rep;  2) that I could not 'speak' (opted for the "Live Chat" method) with a Telus Customer Service agent for approximately 45 minutes; and 3) that I was '90 in line' was somewhat discouraging and disappointing.

It was concerning to think (if only briefly) that a large corporation such as Telus was not concerned about these wait times and found them acceptable for their customers. Perhaps they are not aware of the situation, which happens; or, the call volume has increased significantly due to the economic downturn. Regrettably, the why of it is not what customers at the waiting end are thinking. 

I'd like to suggest Telus resolve this matter soon, as a means to help ease such high call/chat volumes and prevent the burnout of current team members. It is far more positive to support and help these team members, and provide them with the resources and tools required to fulfill their job expectations.


This in no way reflects upon the wonderful customer service agent that did finally chat with me after my wait. She was professional, and apologized for the wait. Not her fault, but it certainly was appreciated to hear it. The fact that Telus' quality of customer service was not compromised (in this instance) is indeed proof of the great assets the corporation has in their employ. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Wait times vary, most times it's under a few minutes. Generally after the weekend everyone calls, or live chats a rep. Keep in mind the majority of the time live chat is the way to go. Most people are catching on to the almost instant chat, choosing live chat an get's busier than normal now.

You could have always picked up the phone and called, and requested a call back. They only have so many reps to answer ALL calls in Canada. It's not a regional call center per province..