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How to remove (delete) account?


So Telus.Net has migrated over to a Google account with Gmail. Since I already have a active Gmail account, I don't need a second one via Telus. Much to my surprise, I can't find a way to remove (delete) the account. I've looked through my Telus and Google accounts. Google tells my the Telus/Gmail account has a administrator and that I am unable to delete the Gmail account myself. I'm told to contact my administrator, which is Telus. So what is going on here? Why can't I have the ability to manage my own account? Something is defiantly not right with this.



Telus has not implemented a full suite of self service tools to manage these new google hosted accounts at this time.


You can talk to a live agent to request them to delete or add email accounts from your profile.


Another option would simply to be to setup the account on google with an autoreply indicating you no longer monitor the email address giving some form of alternate contact info and then forget about it.  There is really no consequence of never using this account and perhaps it might be useful from time to time if you need to test email delivery issues.  


But yes, I would suggest the best option is to use a regular gmail account.  The version of google accounts have many restrictions.  Things like family sharing features for subscriptions do not work on these accounts.  So if you setup google smart devices, subscribe to youtube premium.  Have google nest devices, and many other services that only support sharing on gmail accounts then these version of google accounts will not work.  Also if you decide to switch internet providers in the future you would no be tied down by an email address you would not be able to keep.





Thank you for the response but I was hoping for a resolution. Other than being told I can't do anything about it. Given the number of both free and paid email providers, my suggestion is Telus stop providing a email option via Google. Give Telus customers a reasonable amount of time to switch over to a email provider of their choice then trash  

How exactly did you expect to get a resolution on a user to user forum?  If you want the account closed you should contact Telus support.  They have online chat and phone based options for contact.


In general there are no Telus employees here.  The forum is here to give advice and suggestions and provide a discussion forum for users.  Perhaps you did not realize.





Don't take offence to my suggestion; its all about keeping customers happy. I doubt very much there are no Telus employees on a forum dedicated to various Telus services. If there isn't, there should be. Forums are a very valuable sounding board for companies. Not to view such information would be foolish. The last time I phoned Telus support with an issue, the wait time was 45 minutes and my total time on the phone was two hours. I have much better things to do with my time. But I will get around to doing just that at some future date or simply 'forget' I have Telus/Google Gmail account and leave it at that. I don't do well with Chat boards so not an option for me. Thanks for your time.    

While Telus moderates, and occasionally those moderators post replies or employees may respond during their free time, in general it's a user to user forum.  It does not appear that Telus directs staff to spend their paid time at work replying to messages here.  


I believe the Ideas section is where Telus officially participates with user submitted suggestions on improvements


If you found the original reply I made to your question did help please go ahead and mark it as the answer.