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CRTC no longer control or regulates Telus

Just Moved In

that's  a great  news for telus

for customer-NOT SO MUCH

this means they can do what the like..the voluntary association CRTC referred me to- is useless

so,  that means nobody issues license , nobody can take it away!

sort of like  Mafia ..the bigger /stronger  and  nastier guy wins !


Community Power User
Community Power User
Where did you read this from? All the major Telcos still fall under the watch of the CRTC and follow the guidelines set forth by them. Sounds like you made a complaint and nothing became of it?

He probably had a complaint that didn't fall under the pervue of the CRTC, and they referred him to CCTS, who likely confirmed that the specific issue being experienced isn't one that either group deal with nor is it dealt with under any rules or regulations.

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Depends what you're talking about. Certainly the CRTC can't stop telecoms from operating.


But there's this from yesterday:


This came about after too many complaints, mostly about Rogers, but all telecoms are included in the complaints, if you Google around on it.


You actually shouldn't want the CRTC involved; generally that involvement means higher costs for everybody.


LOL - You might be on that "Fake News" site!  Has this affected you or are you just venting and speculating?