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Just Moved In

I resent singing on to an advertising - marketing page.  It's disrespectful and I resent it.  It wasn't long ago that in could sing in to 'My Telus' page, and, get information I need.  Now, I have to waste my time to get to where I need to go.  If I wanted to find new products or services, don't you think I would know how to get that information!  I resent that you think so little of us, perhaps only me, but, I resent it nevertheless.  It's disrespectful, it's unconscionable. So, who thought it was a good idea to waste time with useless and unnecessary marketing noise - who thought it was a good idea to disrespect us so blatently?



What changed recently? I wasn't aware that their marketing was out of control in Telus Account. I think everyone is doing that because they're afraid if they don't, they could get less money.