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Just Moved In

This is not a comment or a request. This is a statement. The first time you do not send me a monthly paper bill with a clear and complete breakdown of all charges, all changes and time frames of charges and changes, my contract with Telus BC is ended. This has nothing to do with the environment; this has to do with accountability. If you plan to change all customer communication over to online, you buy me a computer and pay what you charge me for internet services. And, I'll take you to the CRTC.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus has already stated “We will continue to provide customers with special needs the option of paper bills”.

Personally a PDF version of a bill is all you need as it’s the same bill without paper waste and a stamp. Just Contact Telus and make them aware you require a paper statement. Since you don’t have a computer or internet.


You're online here, so you have internet access, and you navigated to this page, so you're very familiar with online activity. Access to online accounts doesn't appear to be an issue for you. It appear your only issue is what's on the bill. Online bills are the same as mailed bills, with all the same information. Telus cannot leave some information off a bill simply because it's online; a bill is a bill. Online billing is free though, and paper billing costs you.


I understand the reasons advocacy groups give for telecommunication companies to keep paper billing available, lack of internet access being the biggest reason, but that reason doesn't bother the government. You really can't do anything effectively with any branch of government without having internet access, and they have no sympathy for you if you don't.

Just Moved In

Same here. We will not accept this at all.

Read my previous post below for clarification. Not sure what’s to accept.

Friendly Neighbour

me too, they charged me 10x my bill and without billing statement. i am in AB.