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Why would Telus mobility not follow through with their offer they promised?

Just Moved In

I received a call from a Telus Mobility rep about a Black Friday sale offer to leave our current cell phone provider. We got 100 gigs per phone, unlimited international text and a certain amount of international calling, and a $600 credit to help with the buyout of our old contract and our payment would be 205 + tax per month. They offered us 4 new phones at 0$, we only had to pay the tax and I could do that in the Telus store once we received our new SIM cards. Sim cards Telus and wait on hold for just under 2 hours before I speak to someone. As I am activating the Sim cards I ask the rep about the 4 free phones we are to get, she says there is nothing on file. I go through everything with her. She says you get a $600 credit only if you ordered the new phones, I say I did, she says there is nothing here. She says I can see a note that you are to receive a $600 credit( which is only with the new phone deal). I tell her if you can see the note about the credit then obviously I was supposed to have the phones. She was as helpful as she is allowed to be. They escalate to the team above and now I wait an additional hour. By the time I speak to the escalation team I have been on the phone for 4 hours. Long and short she refused to honour the deal I was told I would get. So I told her I no longer wished to have any part of their offer as they were not fulfilling their end and I was very disappointed with her service as she did nothing to try and honor the agreement. I might add it was going to cost me $1100 to leave my other provider. So disappointed with their process and inability to follow through with what we were offered. I have had my internet with them for over17 years and we have home security as well. Thinking of leaving all together.


Friendly Neighbour

Telus record their calls so they will have this in this in their records you can ask a manager to listen to it. But I learned to always ask the employee to send me an email with the offer and promotions promised then reply back to that email so there is communication and record of what they said and what was written.