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Unable to exchange the iphone that came broken

Just Moved In
I have talked to 20 different people and no one will resolve my simple issue of replacing a defective device telus sent me.  Also my request to talk to a supervisor/manager is being ignored. 
I order an iphone 11 under the follow plan/price 
Monthly Fees
TELUS Easy Payment® $310.00/24 months $12.92
Peace of Mind 20GB $63.75
Monthly Tax @ 13.00% $8.29
Due Monthly $84.96
The first phone shipped to me was defective after weeks of trying to return. I was able to return it and get a new iphone shipped to me. I opened the box to find a "pre-owned phone"  inside, not the new phone I paid for.   
I then talked to customer care yesterday (the person that transferred me to them lied and said i was talking to a manager).  They said the only way to get me a new iphone and return the pre owned one was to cancel the line and place an order for the same plan/device. They said they would handle that and let me know the new order number. Fast forward a couple hours later I got an email with the new order number and the device price went up from 12.92 to 26.42 even though they said it'd be the exact same price. 
I signed up through EPP 
I have filed a compaint with BBB and CCTS, anyone have an idea how i can get them to resolve this?