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Terrible customer service


This is my second time writing this so bear with me.  The first time I wrote it all out I went to sign in with my email and it wouldn't let me.  When I went back to sign in with a username everything I wrote was gone. 


I was trying online to purchase a new iphone.  I currently have a business account with three numbers attached.

I was receiving two different monthly rates for the phone depending on which number I associated with it.  I couldn't figure out why this was when I had selected all the same features so I tried the chat function. 

The chat wait wasn't long, which was nice.  She asked me to provide my phone and email.  I did but told her I wasn't able to take a call because I was at work.  I asked my one questions and she asked me a ton of questions about my account, my plan, my pin number, the make and model of the phone etc.  I provided my information although I did keep asking her the one question about the discrepancy.  She provided a price that was even higher than the other rate I had received online.  After about 20minutes I was frustrated and asked what the cost was to cancel my account and didn't get a response. I then disconnected from the chat.

Shortly after that she called me.  I explained again that I couldn't talk because I was at work. She just kept talking.  I said that I was sorry I had to get back to work and hung up.  

Ten minutes later I received this email:

"HI Courtney,


The chat got disconnected.


The difference on the rates are being checked and as what I see, it depends on the GB of the device, data plan GB and the applicable promotions you will have for each line. Your renewals are ready to go for your renewals and there are no termination charges to your existing lines.


The rates are different on the online page than the ones I see for the rates I have are internal rates directly for the Price guide and availability and most updated rates. Rates online may change from time to time and I can’t guarantee anything if the rates are to be availed online. Rates you agree online are agreed and made by the user. If renewals are processed o n my end, I will provide you with the guaranteed rates updated by the system.


Let me know if you are interested.


Thank you,



Sales team Member, TELUS Small Business Solutions - Sales"


* I didn't include her name because I believe this is a training issue.


Telus just seems to have no interest in customer retention anymore.  

I guess after 14 years it's time to find a new provider.



Friendly Neighbour

Yes, I am in the same boat. Time for a new service provider for me as well after 20 years with Telus. I did manage to actually speak with a Manager from Telus out of Calgary and explain how horrible things have become with Telus customer service. She was nice but at at the end of the day they don't really care about how horrible the service now is. I assume they have done this by design.