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Telus Loyalty - Lack thereof

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Having recently completed my previous term contract, as a 14 year good standing customer, I just got off the phone with the Telus Loyalty rep to see if there was anything that Telus could offer me in the way of upgrading my old iphone 5, whilst maintaining my existing plan ($40/month, no data). After bouncing around between phone reps for half an hour, the best that could be offered to me was either;

Option A - double my current plan rate to $75/month (adding data), +$15 =$90, or
Option B - Telus was able to offer a "discounted" refurbished iphone7, 32GB for $400 (barely a discount).

These options were less than favourable as I had mentioned I want to keep my same plan, as well as the fact that the Loyalty Rep was suggesting I instead visit a separate open box retailer ( where I can buy the same phone for $320 (why would he even suggest this?). They kept telling me I cannot upgrade to anything higher than my current phone without adding data. This kept being told to me as if it were a technical issue with the iphones, when in reality it's just Telus trying to force pressure upgrading to data, which I don't want. I finalized by stating that all of the options that have been provided are no different than standard advertised price available to anyone off the street, and asked if there is ANYTHING that can be offered to me as a 14 year good standing customer. His response was simply that NOTHING could be done for me apart from $10 off a $75DataPlan + the cost of a new phone monthly payments, which is still more than double my existing plan price. This was not helpful in the least.


Can anyone from Telus please confirm what the loyalty program is and how it is designed to help entice long-time customers to remain with Telus? I have found value in the past with Telus' help upgrading my phone, but the past few years have been nothing but billing complications, added fees, and less service. Now I don't see the value in staying loyal to one mobile provider. 


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Community Power User

Because folks are so very quick to switch carriers these days, the loyalty programs have been watered down. Telus does have a rewards program which adds points to  your account on a monthly basis, based on the services you have, but that is about it.


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I was with Telus from 1997 until around 2013 or 2014 (more than 15 years anyway) and had a similar experience.  I called to ask if they could give me a break on a smartphone upgrade or a plan, as I basically needed to upgrade both for their new plans to be worthwhile.


They made it pretty clear that the fact that I was a long-time customer (since the Clearnet days) made no difference to them.  They offered me absolutely nothing (not even a barely discount as you described).  I made it clear that I was prepared to stay a customer for a long time, offering to sign a 5 year contract if that's what it would take, but still they treated me like persona non grata.


So, I take offense to NFtoBC's implication that the customers are the reason for lack of loyalty in the industry.  Telus drove me away when I was one of their longest-serving customers ready to start paying for more expensive devices and plans as they became the new normal--all I wanted was a reasonable discount on a temporary basis to ease the transition, and not only was that denied but absolutely zero was offered in its place.


The simple fact is that Telus drove me away and towards the discounted providers...I changed to PC Financial until they stopped providing post-paid service about a year ago.  And you know what?  My service was just as good, customer service was 10 times as good, all at a MUCH lower price.


Now, as I am trying to find a new provider (I'm unhappy with Koodo, which I tried out after PC left the market) and I'm getting nowhere with Telus.  I see one price when I try to sign up on the website, but when it crashed at the final stage of ordering (payment stage LOL), I called in to see if I could resolve it on the phone and was quoted a higher price for the same service and they refuse to acknowledge the website price despite me having a screenshot of everything.  The only explanation is "I don't know but this is the price", over and over again.


Customer service at this company used to be great, but over time as they grew bigger, it has gone completely downhill to the point where I now mention them in the same sentence as Bell and Rogers who are notorious for being the absolute worst at customer service.  Telus has joined them in my opinion based on my experiences both 5 years ago and today.

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Because of TELUS's inability to adhere to CRTC rulings, I will be looking for a new mobility provider.  I feel your pain--I've been with TELUS for decades and I'm not paying nearly double to receive data and an older model phone.