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Renewal of mobility contract

Just Moved In
Finished 2 years of mobility contract term. Now upgrading device and renewing contact for 2 more year, keeping same number and everything

Why Am I being changed One time connection fee?

It not a new connection, it’s an old connection with new contract, don’t need new SIM card, no new online account setup, shipping (for item value this high no one charges shipping). If you still change it’s a ripoff. And worst is this charge is in fine print when you accept thousand other terms and conditions.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you get a new subsidized phone with attached contract, it seems to be considered a new connection, with fees attached. If you bought your phone outright, or switched plans to one more suitable to your needs, there would likely be no additional fees. 
Did the staff a the store do any set up for you? That, too might be the reason for the charge, as it pays for their time.

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