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Port from Roger’s to telus

Hi. I ported my number from Roger’s to Telus. My account shows my previous number. However, there is no service - I can’t text/ call and phone shows in SOS.


Have you removed the Rogers SIM and put your new Telus SIM in your device? Are you using an eSIM? If so. Have you removed the Rogers eSIM and activated a Telus eSIM?

Hi. Yes I did , it was a eSIM from Roger’s that I had removed and Iam using an eSIM from Telus. I tried restarting phone but nothing works.

When I got an eSIM through Telus. I had to contact support, which took over an hour to resolve because of the way they handle their eSIM's before mine started working right. It doesn't help that a lot of employees at Telus have no idea how their eSIM's work. You should give support a call by dialing 611 from your device, which should still out you through to Telus regardless. However, it is recommended to call from a different device and number for troubleshooting and restarting of the device once the eSIM is updated correctly.

When I moved to Rogers, it was literally 5 minutes over the phone and I was good to go.