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Major Decrease in quality of Care Since Covid?

Just Moved In

I have been with Telus for many years and I used to be beyond satisfied. Problems were fixed instantaneously and call centre agents could make basic adjustments to accounts if necessary. Furthermore, things legitimately ran 10 000 times faster and smoother. With that being said, I do understand that Covid has unfortunately greatly impacted Telus' capacity to respond to client's needs and I am genuinely sensitive in that regard so if I must call, I do so at a time when I know I can wait, if I am told I will get a call back I an agent a reasonable amount of time (or I wait 3 weeks and give up hope....), I offer agents the chance to resolve issues prior to asking to speak with escalations (even at my own expense), etc... On the flip side, as an individual who works in a helping profession, I see friends, old colleagues and medical professionals being burnt to the ground with zero understanding or compassion from not only those who use their services, but by the population at large. A nurse, social worker or doctor are all still bound by their code of ethics, covid or not. While for the more part the last few months with Telus have been disastrous to say the least, I am re-cognisant of the fact that there have been some incredible individuals who have helped me out. I just feel like lately instead of Telus taking responsibility for months of error upon error, I am now being treated like "a difficult client" when in fact I have honestly been given inaccurate and/or conflicting information, lost services for no good reason, I won't even really get into the things that came out if the escalations officers mouth last night because I don't do well with what felt like guilt tactics or being told that there were "miscommunications", I communicate for a living and even when I was not the most experienced worker at my job, I was put in charge of training new employees so I understand the importance of clarity and verification of information, as well as accurate case notes. In short (or long) I don't know what is going on with Telus but it upsets me because all I want is honesty and transparency. Nobody is perfect by any means, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when I am trying to address an issue and I am being talked to like I have half a brain and given explanations rather than being offered solutions and working together. Why would a client who has never caused an issue in 20 years suddenly start acting out of bounds or having unrealistic expectations in the matter of a few weeks? I feel so beyond frustrated and I can't wait until my contract is over or I'll just leave before Telus honestly gives me  heart attack at this rate. I rather be paying more and have piece of mind. That's exactly why I chose the internet provider that I currently have. It's not complicated, my internet works, I pay my bills and they don't hear from me. Who wants the extra stress and negativity? 


Am I the only one who has been having this experience particularly with Mobility Services after having been a quiet and loyal customer for many years?      


Friendly Neighbour

No, you are not alone.


I have been with Telus for over 20 years. I have been a huge fan and a loyal supporter with Telus wireless, TV and Internet service for my business, residence and recitational residence. 


My New Years resolution is to divorce myself of every Telus service that I have and to never deal with this company ever again in my life.


Why? Bottom line it is the reasons you have cited - a complete lack of service from Telus. The people you chat with are from my experience friendly but it is clear that they do not have the ability to actually do anything beyond promising that someone will call you back. As you have pointed out those calls never come.


After speaking with five different representatives - all who could look up my past call history and clearly see that I had been promised a call back (and was not called back) they would apologize that I was not called back and offer to help me which always ends up with the same process where my issue is sent to another department? It is a merry go round of pure frustration. I literally begged to speak with a Manager and after two more calls were told my issue had been approved to be "elevated"  to a Manager and that said Manager would call me, but expect to wait 48 hours. Do the Managers work part time? At an rate so far still no promised call from any Manager.


It is almost like this process is designed in a way that they just hope you go away and keep paying your Bill.


If someone had told me how horrible Telus had become I would think it impossible to be that bad. And yet it is.  I have documented everything and have made a complaint with the CRTC complaint process for wireless companies.  I have not idea if that will work but I have to at least try.


In the meantime I in the process of cancelling my various accounts to take my business elsewhere.


Honestly I don't think anyone at Telus even cares. With Telus the future is anything but friendly.