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Just Lies?

Just Moved In
Just signed up with Telus. 7 days ago.
Signed up with The door to door sales team.(both had Telus badges.)
So far in 7 days I’ve been on hold or waiting for a call back 3 times with customer support.
The credits I was promised never appeared in my first bill. The bill is double what I agreed to and after confirming and taking time off work to meet the install team for internet TV they rescheduled so I’ll need to take another day off.
So my question is can I cancel all of my services with Telus with no penalty? As I am very dissatisfied. The mobility plan I signed up for was monthly 24 month contract but I had my own devices.

And the internet/TV pack hasn’t even been installed yet.
Also who do I complain to about the misrepresentation of what my bill should be and what they’re attempting to charge.

Frustrated and irritated



Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and I have been with Telus for many, many years but whenever I renew, it's a holy mess. Telus does make good for bill adjustments but you need patience. 

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

 Hi there, do you happen to have any documentation to what offer they made you?  The names of the agents as well could be a great help.  Normally, when you contact the care team they have escalations manager that can help solve your issue.  You can visit this link for more details.  Thank you.