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I pay more than expected for my mobile service

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I was a customer of another mobile company and Telus reached me by phone and made an offer of 115 CAD tax included and I accepted. First 2 months i did not pay because I had credit, than my first bill was above the 115, so I called Telus and they told me my bill will be decreased next months, it is just because my first bill. But it didn't happen. It was still higher second and third bill cycle than I should pay. I talked with a Telus agent and I learned that they lied to me, it is now 115 CAD tax excluded and they can't listen phone records because it has been more than 90 days since the phone call. Obviously now I am upset and I want to complain the company. I will switch another company ASAP because they lied to me and they don't solve this problem appropriately. Where should I make my complain?


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