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Cellular service is terrible in our area. Call to Telus nets frustration.

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Telus has acknowledged that the cellular coverage in the area of Clearview Meadows where I live is an "area of concern" and has been since well before 2014. They have record of a service call in 2014 to assess the area and the latest review of this call is from 2020. I have been told that there are not likely to be any improvements or upgrades in the foreseeable future. I was directed to come here to publicly complain about it, in addition to my call already being logged as a complaint. The service rep was nice enough but his hands were tied with Telus policy. I've got nothing against him but the lack of interest in improving the service in our neighbourhood (apparently it's affecting a significant client base, but not significant enough I guess) by Telus is very irritating. Calls are constantly dropped or signal degrades enough that the conversation is so choppy you give up on it entirely. Using services like messenger to call someone else's messenger is fine as our wifi is strong, but you can't call land lines with it, such as important calls to government services that keep you on hold forever or something like 911. Telus has all the towers in Alberta from what I understand, so you can't even switch providers to get better service, or talk with your money. Very frustrated.


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Unfortunately complaining here will have zero impact as the forums are primarily inhabited by other Telus customers.


If you're in an area that has poor reception and it isn't just your household affected, the only way to get more attention to get it dealt with is to have as many people as possible in that area call in to complain to tech support about it. While that won't solve the problem right away it will get more attention by Telus.


I'm going to assume you're talking about Red Deer since you didn't actually identify the town you're in. The problem is that there is no tower in the immediate area of the Clearview Meadows neighborhood in Red Deer. Getting towers installed isn't a simple process and can easily be derailed by the town themselves as they would need to authorize them to go in. You can see more on the process here: For the first two items on the process, the more people that call to complain of poor reception in an area can have the biggest impact at moving things ahead. More detailed information is here:


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I also live in an area with terrible cell coverage, but I have great internet.    Someone locally told me to turn on wi-fi calling.   I had never heard of it before, but it works.  It doesn't solve the problem of poor coverage when driving around, but I'm no longer trapped at home with no cell service.