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Bad tellus team members

Just Moved In

Hello. I had problems due to the negligent work of the employees of the Tellus branch in Edmonton on Kingsway Mall.I will briefly describe the situation. And I will be grateful for advice and help. What to do in this situation.
I made an order at the Tellus store on Kingsway Mall. His store employee provided the wrong delivery address and the wrong phone number for the recipient. I was refused three days in a row when I asked to change the delivery address Asserting that I will pick up my order anyway, at separate post offices. He said that we should wait for a letter to the e-mail address. So I am waiting for his letter to this day. And my order is already on its way back to Calgary . I came to them today with this question. And they told me that I should call the hotline and solve this issue. And the fact that I did not receive my order due to their negligence, they do not care. Absolute ignore. And refusal to help in any way. At the same time, they told me that I would still have to pay by default, even if I did not receive the order.
Please tell me, who knows how I can file a lawsuit against this employee? [mod edit: privacy]


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Your post has been edited for privacy reasons. I'll be forwarding this off to the manager of this store immediately for feedback. I'll send a private message to gather your info.