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Order Cancelled

Just Moved In

Has anyone else had an order cancelled, without explanation? And after hours waiting to speak to someone, I was told the "SYSTEM" cancelled it. No reason, no explanation and NO HELP. The Telus Rep (who was professional) said I must re-enter order and HOPE it works. On a positive note, my account was refunded immediately.

Sadly, my account was not updated and I have been forced onto a new plan.

Secondly, the system wont let me change anything because it says I already did make a change within a billing period.

Is there any means to actually escalate a problem? To someone who resolves an issue?

It is so frustrating waiting, then being transferred, then waiting, on hold and then being told the system cancelled it....try again.

Any help or suggestions are most welcome!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @gamacleod 

Sorry to hear this.

If you didn't manage to get help, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter, so we can further assist.