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Not getting texts from websites for sms code verification


Ive been on like 20 websites and needed to get sent a text for sms confirmation but never get them, what do i do


Do you get SMS text from other people?

i dont know now i  using imessage and the people who text me are contacts via my apple id emaile

Community Power User
Community Power User

Make sure you have added your phone number as an additional contact in your iMessages application. If all your current friends are reaching you by your Apple ID, the Apple servers also need to know your phone number.


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@NFtoBC how does that impact sites that use SMS for 2FA? I don't know much about the Apple ecosystem but I would think that iMessage wouldn't get in the way of SMS sent to a phone number.

it already is

jeez telus is so **bleep**! they cant even tell me whats going on WHY CANT I GET SMS VERIFICATION CODES FROM LIKE LITERALLY ANY SITE

You need to realize Telus has no control over how iMessage works on your phone. It's an Apple app.

its not an apple id problem i completely turned of imessage and still doesn't work

Can you get someone not on an iPhone to send you a SMS to confirm it works?

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it is so rediculous that i moved from Fido to Telus and my 2FAs dont work. Telus escalated issue but not able to resolve it


im stuck with my banks, trading and other accounts due to 2FA

Call Customer Care and make sure Short Codes are enabled on your device!  If you are a prepaid user, then some forms of 2FA are not available due to there being no way to prove who you are because prepaid accounts aren't tied to any identification.  Short Codes from other countries might not be compatible with the Telus/Koodo services as well.