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No idea how to get support at this point

Just Moved In

I just joined Telus a couple weeks ago.  Ported 3 numbers over, 2 with new phones and one BYOD. I was promised 55$ on all 3 lines for 15gb of data with a 10$ discount and then a 5$ add a line discount on each of the other 2 lines. I have not received these discounts on my 1st bill and then was told by a rep doing a follow up "new customer" call that these are not eligible and he can't do anything about them, despite me having them documented and signed by the store rep on my Contract. The rep encouraged me to contact the CCTS which is strange since usually reps want to discourage that sort of thing. I can not call customer care since wait times are over an hour and you offer no call back or live chat system. 

I moved to Telus because I was encouraged by their custom service commendations but I am not seeing it. 


Just Moved In
I really understand you.😔

Helpful Neighbour
I would recommend calling their sales line instead! I gave up on the service line after an hour but when I called the number for opening an account I got a rep within 2 minutes. This is not a staffing problem, telus could easily reduce wait times if they chose to, but why would they?

The number was 1-877-613-8463


Sounds strange, if you don't want to call in, you can use the chat feature via TELUS Assist to connect with an agent at or reach out via Twitter to @TELUSsupport so that they can look into it for you.


I am in the same boat..they offer me a good deal which i can not decline and ported 6 lines. waiting for sim for last 15 days and no show. first bill is already done and nowhere close to what I was promised by the sales rep. Now trying to call in and in wait for almost 2 hours. 

Were you able to have it looked into Nick339?