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I need help from telus directly, and its almost impossible


So ive been in a battle between telus and freedom for about a year now, i had my number transferred form freedom to telus, with no issues in the beginning. but all of a sudden i got people calling me all the trying to call "my" number and when i pick up they are confused because they are apparently calling their phone number, that freedom mobile gave them days prior. I get text messages from people getting scam texts from my number telling me to go kill myself among other things. Why does someone have my number, why does freedom keep giving my number out. every time i ask them they say they havnt givin my number out, so why the **bleep** are people accusing me of stealing their phone number thbey just got from freedom 2 days ago. 


I need telus to help me figure this out because im done



If calls to your number are coming to your phone then TELUS completed the port on their end. If Freedom is issuing your number to their subscribers after the port then you need to contact Freedom in order to address the issue. TELUS can't stop Freedom from doing this.


For this i think your number got spoofed I would recommend calling the CCTS or Crtc they maybe able to help.