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Why does TELUS NOT respond to customers?

Just Moved In
We have been waiting 3 weeks now for internet and cable home service.
Missed 2 days of work for techs that don't show up, with no call back, apology or re-schedule.
Spend close to 9 hours in hold (to date...) only to be promised call backs, and get none.
Requested TELUS services September 14, latest news is possible hardware service call for October 17, and then technical internet/cable) services installation 2-3 weeks after that...

TELUS expects us to wait more than 6 weeks for internet and cable...?

September 14 - confirmed tech services appointment for Tuesday,  September 18.

September 18 - MY WIFE MISSED A DAY OF WORK AND NO TECH showed up all night, nor called to cancel or even apologize. I called Telus 3 times that night, waited for one hour (TWICE), and the third time I was told someone would call me back that same night with answers. NO ONE CALLED ME BACK.

September 19 - I called several times during the day to try and re-book or confirm what Telus' reason was for not showing up the previous day. Finally confirmed with Agent "Aanu" (Fiber team) that a second installation technician would show up on Thursday, September 20 between 1:00-3:00.

I MISSED A DAY OF WORK. A third-party technician ("Rohit") showed up and then after 45 minutes told me that he could not complete install due to missing cable hardware on exterior. He was going to create an "urgent" ticket and once that work was done he could come back to install internet/cable.

That was September 20th, and after many more calls and promises that someone from Telus would call me back, I could not find out why nothing was happening and when I would get service.

A Service Desk "manager" did call back the week of September 23, and said it could take up to a week.

No word from anyone, until Saturday, September 29 when I was able to get through to another Agent on the fiber team (remember Aanu who never called me back? One of his colleagues...) this Agent first confirmed that the exterior hardware fix had been completed, and then booked me a third installation technician appointment for October 4th.

This same Agent then called me back within an hour (wow, that NEVER HAPPENS) to let me know that the exterior deficiencies had NOT been  completed and in fact were not scheduled until October 17th...

Apologies were provided but there was nothing he could do...

Thanks again Telus.

Does anyone else have a similar story of extremely bad customer service, deemed lies and misleading communication?

If anyone knows how to contact the BBB, Ombudsman, or social media reporters, I would appreciate contact information.

Thanks for reading this far...

See you on Facebook TELUS.


Just Moved In
I never thought customer service could be this bad in CANADA...

Is there a "magic" phone number where TELUS customer service agents actually answer, do what they say and new customers can get internet/cable within 6 weeks...?

Any tips would be great!


Welcome to Telus, anytime you call them you wait on hold for 3 hours.