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Where to complain about inability to disable DHCP on Telus Wifi Hub?

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I really need to use DNSmasq for local DNS resolution -- I work from home, and need to delegate DNS differently depending on the target domain.  Per this post, the LAN DNS is not working in my wifi hub, so I need to use my own DHCP server.   It sounds like this isn't possible


Where in Telus should I direct a complaint about the Wifi Hub firmware, in order to give it the best chance of being escalated to the manufacturer?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Considering 99.9% of users won't need to be running their own DHCP servers on a residential connection, it likely won't change. If you're on fibre and do not have Optik TV, you could simply swap out Wifi Hub if it's acting as the router and not the fibre terminal.

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In the interim, you might need to try a hosts file.  Not optimal, but a possible workaround....