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When will TELUS add more agents?

Just Moved In

Most times I have called my wait time was between 1.5-3 hours.  My services got disconnected because I was behind on my bill, I was trying to reach someone to tell them not to close my account, that I would pay.  Was not looking for a reconnect, just keep the account, pretty well couldn't get through either through phone or chat, I was on both of them at the same time.  After a few days of this I gave up and figured I'd try again later.  Tried 4 more times over the course of a few weeks, same thing.


Then I got a bill saying my account had been closed *grrr*.  I called in and waited for well over 3 hours and eventually got through to a loss prevention dude, who offered me 2 free months to stay.  I told him I already had a shaw appointment, but I would hear what he had to say.  Then he has the gall to tell me, that in order to get my 2 free months I would have to pay for the 2 months of service I owed first (which didn't make any sense).  I asked him why he couldn't just credit my bill the 2 months and then we start over and I would cancel the Shaw appointment.  He wouldn't budge so I said screw this and went with Shaw.


In the switch, Telus held my phone number, which sucks because it's on my business cards.  I have been trying to return their equipment, but it keeps getting sent to a far away post office and I've done my damnedest to get Canada Post to either just drop the things at the front door or at least take them to the closest post office (Canada Post's fault, not Telus) so it comes off my bill.  I've asked for the boxes to be shipped 3 times now.  Next thing you know I get a letter from CBV collections, for the full amount of course.


The "system" at Telus could use a complete overhaul, and they could hire triple the number of agents.  I left mostly because of the wait times, technically the service was pretty good, with exception of having to reset all the boxes and modem once every few weeks.  Customer service is crap- at least if you can get ahold of someone.