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Terrible connection a short distance from the router

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I am on a 150 mbps plan with the Actiontec T3200M router. Despite the plan being 150 mbps, however, this speed isn't nearly achieved on any device in the household, no matter the proximity to the router. Of all devices connected, my personal computer a mere 10 meters and a wall away from the router is suffering the most. The computer reaches a 30d/10u bandwidth on 2.4G with terrible ping that varies from moment to moment. 5G fares even worse, with the computer outright refusing to use it and automatically switching back to 2.4G. The ping here is my biggest complaint; the effects of lower throughput is negligible for my usage, but the ping, which is anywhere from 5-50 at least and goes up to 1000 at most, renders even messaging on the computer extremely slow and inconsistent.


For comparison, on a previous Shaw network under similar circumstances, the computer would achieve 175d/20u on a 150/15 mbps plan.


Here are my current 5G settings:




Tips on troubleshooting these issues would be appreciated.


Community Power User
Community Power User

5GHz has more limited range than 2.4GHz and is more easily interfered with by things such as walls. Your computer will typically connect to whichever network is offering a stronger signal. Are there any other wireless devices near (ie routers, cordless phones), or anything that may interfere with the T3200? Is the T3200 out in the open or is it hidden inside or behind something?


Try changing the 5GHz channel from 153 to Auto Detect, enable Scheduled Optimization, then hit the green Re-scan button after you're done.

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The T3200 sits on an open tabletop with no known interfering devices nearby. I had manually set the channel earlier while cycling through channels to see if any yielded better performance to no avail, and have reverted it to Auto Detect.


Also don’t just assume cycling through channels is accomplishing anything. There are many apps one can download, that scans all wireless networks broadcasting in your area and the channels they use.

You can then make the decision what channels will offer less Wi-Fi interference.

Try doing a hard wired speed test with your pc or a laptop that is connected straight to the modem via cat5. If you're still getting 30mbps down then there is a provisioning glitch with your profile that needs to be fixed by Telus support. If you're seeing the full speeds (150-170 down) then you know for sure you've got a wifi issue. There could be any number of WiFi disturbers in range such as baby monitors or wireless security cameras on the modem may just need to be replaced. 95% of 'slow speed' troubles turn out to be WiFi issues, not the speed of the connection to the modem.