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Telus Fibre speed constantly fluctuating on PC, terrible on PS4

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I just moved into a new apartment and before I did a Telus rep came to my house to sell me on switching from Shaw to Telus. He offered me Fibre 300 at a better price than my current Shaw 150 cable internet, so I took it.


Cut to today, I got the fibre installed and have noticed a couple problems. First, I heard Fibre was supposed to be much more consistent, speed-wise, but it actually seems to fluctuate way more than any internet I've ever had. Speed testing it throughout the day on my computer, I occasionally get to the 300 Mbps I'm promised. but far more often I hover around 230-250, a bunch of times I've gotten 170-190 but I've also gotten significantly lower than that, at one point at low as 28. I've gotten significantly different speeds on back to back tests. The upload speeds seem to fluctuate less, for what it's worth. This is through wifi, with the modem being about five or six feet from the computer, and I've also tried a direct connection with ethernet. I also tried it with a speed test app on my Android phone, same thing, fluctuations from 35 to 100 Mbps.


Then problem two was when I decided to boot up my Playstation 4 and use their speedtest on my new internet. To my shock, the download on my PS4 hovers between 25-35 Mbps on download on wifi, despite also being just a few feet from the moment. More crazy though is the upload speed, which ranges from 1.5 to 3ish Mpbs. This is LESS than my old Shaw cable internet and one of the big selling points of fibre is supposed to be the great upload speeds! I still have my Shaw account, as I decided to wait a week to close it, thank God, so I went back and tested my cable internet on the PS4. With Shaw 150, through wifi, I have 135 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload through wifi, with the modem being further away than Telus.


I don't know what's going on. I'm really disappointed as Telus really sold me on a better internet and on pretty much every level I haven't been delivered what I was promised. Is there anything that can be done?


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Community Power User

What are the routine results when connected by Ethernet to your router? It is only by comparing the two that will allow you to determine if the issue is the Fibre connection or the Wi-Fi. Once you have narrowed it down, you can contact Telus for support.


What speed testing site or App are you using?


The experience of most folks is consistently higher than advertised speeds, both up and down. 

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Hi, thanks for both of your posts. Based on them, I decided to disregard all the wifi tests and work just based on wired connections. I found with my PC, with the wired connection the internet has been more consistent and close to the advertised speed. On the PS4 with a wired connection the speed made a noticeable jump but continues to be extremely inconsistent. PS4 upload speed over wifi ranged from 1.5 to 5 or 6 usually, through ethernet it ranges from something like 2 to 85. Download speeds on the PS4 through the ethernet range from 150 to 280, except I did get one 400 in there, more then I'm paying for.


I have no idea if this is just due to the way the PS4 tests speed or if I have a problem. When I test the speed on my PC I use and always use a consistent server.


My one other problem is browsing the internet with Telus I've noticed pages load slower, and again, my internet should be faster. Part of me though is wondering if that is just in my head at this point, because unlike the other examples, I have no way to prove it. Still, it's frustrating and I don't know what I should do to test this/prove it.


Overall my plan is to keep using it for at least a day or two more before I make a final decision. I can live with buying some ethernet cables and hardwiring my most important devices, but I don't want to settle for worse performance on browsing, gaming and anything else.

If you still have speed issues over a hard wired connection one possibility is the light level entering the fibre gateway is too low. This could be caused by a microbend in the fibre or a dirty end. Telus support can check the light level remotely. If the light level is found to be too low they can send a technician to repair it. Or you can just call your install tech if they left a card and have them come back or take a look remotely.

Hey NF , is there anyway to contact you or via email as there is no direct message on here. Having quite a bit of issues with my fibre network. Am able to pay you for your time aswell. Thanks!


It sounds like all your devices are connected to WiFi and in apartments it is very common to run in to a WiFi saturation problem. Your WiFi broadcast settings can be adjusted to help mitigate some of this but if you want to have the best possible speeds you should always hardwire all of your devices directly to the modem.

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Yup this might be the light level issue, at times loose ends can give you speed bumps. Ethernet will resolve the issue to some extent. Also make sure that you are not using ip routing or proxy for region range specifically for PS4