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Telemarketing harassment from Telus

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I subscribed to Telus internet plus Optik TV plus Netflix in early May.  The process was painful as the telemarketer had terrible English and did not explain the programs and prices well.  Signing up the contract took over an hour on the phone and it was a painful experience.  Not two weeks later I have another Telus telemarketer with badly broken English calling to sell me the latest greatest Telus package.  I explained I'd already signed up a couple weeks back, and he proceeded to ask the name of the agent I signed up with.  I told him "you guys need to communicate better and stop harassing your new existing customers".  That wasn't good enough, so he proceeded to attempt to upsell me on what I had signed for a couple weeks previous.  That's when I came off my hinges and told him to get lost.  I had a call from the Telus customer relations guy a few days later who attempted to smooth things over.  He offered to take my name and number off the call list so that this wouldn't happen again.  I explained that if I get one more harassing call from a Telus Telemarketer then I'm done.  I'll cancel my contract.  Well, today June 14 another telemarketer with badly broken English called me again to ask about signing up for the latest greatest Telus programming.  I unloaded on the poor guy.  I asked him to remove my number and never call it again.  Now I'm calling Telus next.  Enough is enough.  Stop harassing me with telemarketing Telus!! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Keep in mind there are scammers pretending to be Telus that are pulling this exact stunt also. 


If they are legitimate calls from Telus and you want to remove yourself from Telus's contact list, contact the TELUS Privacy Request Centre at 1-800-567-0000. Option 1 for English and then Option 2 to speak with a Privacy representative. 


If your phone service is with Telus or Koodo, you can also look at enabling Call Control. It's free and blocks robocalls.


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