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Setting a local DNS on my Telus Wi-Fi Hub


I have a "PureFibre Gigabit Internet" service and a Telus Wi-Fi Hub with the following information:


Model Name: TELUS Wi-Fi Hub
Firmware Version: v3.00.23 build03
Boot Code Version: 0.00.01


And I would like to set a local DNS address so all my connected devices use my local DNS service. The reason for it is that I have installed a home lab server. And I want to be able to access my local services using local addresses.


Like: http://assistance.home


And this is possible only if my connected devices can resolve such a DNS. Of course, I can go and set my local DNS manually on each device. But that's tedious and I would rather not do that. The proper way of doing it is to set it on the router so any connected devices use my local DNS automatically.


Telus Wi-Fi Hub does provide this option in its web interface. But setting that has no effect, whatsoever. I've seen other people on this forum pointing out the same issue. I just wanted to bring it up once more and also verify whether any solution is provided for it or not.