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Sending from Apple Mail suddenly not possible (POP)


I migrated a to Gmail month ago and had a consultant help set me up as POP on Apple Mail.  Have been sending and receiving without problems until today.


As of this morning, when I try to send a message, I am prompted to enter my password.  I enter it and get message "Unable to verify account name or password."  The message sits in the Outbox and doesn't get sent.


I have not changed my password in the past 4 weeks.  As a double-check that my password is still recognized by Telus, I logged out and back in via Google instead of Apple Mail.  I can log in to Google with my Telus password. 


But I don't want to use Gmail, I want to use Apple Mail. What changed overnight that I can no longer send in Apple Mail?  I can still receive in Apple Mail.


Don't know whether to contact Telus or Apple, and feel that both will direct me to the other.  Any clues?  Is it because I'm set up as POP (I know, I know, against all recommendations)?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly this setting has changed in Gmail?


In the Gmail web interface

  1. First select Google apps in the top-right corner (the 9-dot menu), and then select Account
  2. Select Security on the left-hand side
  3. Scroll down to “Less secure app access” and select Turn on access
  4. Toggle “Allow less secure apps switch” to On

This setting must be set to On to work with non Google apps.


Thanks for the reply, @FuzzyLogic 


When I looked where you suggested, it already said I allowed less secure apps as of April 22.

Then it invited me to confirm that I was the one who authorized the less secure apps so I did.

Closed and restarted Apple Mail.  Still can't send emails.


Waiting for a callback from Telus.


Just hoped somebody else was set up as POP on Apple Mail and could tell me if they were still able to send.  Wish I wasn't so unique!



Community Power User
Community Power User

Firstly, this isn’t a POP issue, as the outgoing mail server is independent of the incoming. I have had this happen for short periods in the past, and my solution was to use a regular gmail SMTP server for the period of difficulty. You also could consider checking your SMTP  settings, and make sure SSL is on.


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@NFtoBC , thanks for the reply.  Interesting to hear that you've had intermittent trouble, which resolved.


I was correctly set with SSL on.  


In hunting around to check settings, I went in Apple Mail to Preferences > Accounts > Server Settings and noticed that my outgoing password was represented as 7 "dots" but the incoming password was represented as 10 dots, which matches my password.  I re-entered my password and saved.  Then I became able to send again.  Major relief!!!


Then I noticed in Apple Mail there were no new messages today although in Gmail I could see several new messages.  So somehow my problem has reversed.  I can send from Apple Mail now (thanks to updating password) but now I can't receive.  Don't know if this is related since I think I had tried to retrieve new mail before changing my password.


What is even more puzzling is that in Connection Doctor, it shows green dot on "POP:  Connection and login to server succeeded" (even though emails aren't arriving in Apple Mail) and a red dot on "SMTP:  Trying to log into this SMTP account failed.  Verify that username and password are correct" (even though I can now send).  Guess I should start a new topic or call Telus again.  Last call didn't help me--I had to hunt around myself.


Hi TandyWallace  Did you resolve this?  I just started having similar problems using POP, GSuite/Telus and Outlook. 

The original Telus instruction was to  ....

Open your email account in a browser by visiting Go to the 9 dot menu and select Account Select Security on the left-hand side Scroll down to "Less secure app access" and select Turn on access Toggle "Allow less secure apps switch" to On You have now enabled Less secure application access for your account.


Now there is a notice on the Gmail set-up as follows..............

Note: In 2021, less secure applications support will be disabled and you will need to use an application that supports OAuth. Please ensure you have upgraded your email application to a compatible application by 2021.


I am so not impressed, will open a new thread.