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Resolving host - connection drops v.frequently

Just Moved In
Hi there

Anyone else having a Resolving Host issue that causes connectivity to drop? This issue has persisted for me for 6 months now, on different browsers and different devices. I just introduced a new device to my home and it has the same problem.

Any fixes out there? Drives me crazy particularly when the kids Netflix or YouTube drops.

The work around is turn off wifi, then turn it back on. This resolves it, but I shouldn’t have to do this at least once an hour when using any device / app / browser.



Hi Ryan, are you using a T3200 modem/router? 


I had a similar problem with wireless devices momentarily losing connection.  It often looked like the devices were having trouble resolving a host.  At first I got around this by putting the devices into airplane mode for a moment.  When I came off airplane mode I could connect to sites without issue.  This would happen about every 30 minutes or if I moved from room to room around the house.  None of my hardwired internet devices had this problem.


Disabling SmartSteering (T3200 Wireless Setup menu) seems to have fixed this for me.  I saw this suggestion posted by user Nighthawk who was helping a different user on this site.


Hopefully this helps you out.

I have the same issue. Sometimes it's like a flicker every now and then but resolves itself. Other times, i've had to log back in several times which led to timewasting calls to Telus and swapping modems but not completely resolved. More recently, the parental controls on the Telus GUI has disappeared, AGAIN. i finally did yet another factory reset as was done before and then suggested again by Telus. It worked before for a short time but today, it didn't and I'm still missing the parental control features. Someone else wrote in this forum of the same issue although Telus told me they've never heard of it. Telus also keeps saying changing to fibre will solve all issues....

Just Moved In
Yup I have this problem every day Alexa speakers are always disconnected...even better still my Xbox is hard wired and will say no connection so I switch ports on router and it's good for a few days ...then no connection...switch back to the other port and it's fine again ...this crap sucks and I'm going back to Shaw far as I can tell this service is a breach of contract I should be able to cancel this stupid contract

I'm curious to know if you have copper or fibre optic cable?