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PureFibre Installation Ground Repair Needed

Just Moved In

I am not a current Telus customer but that shouldn't matter.  The neighborhood PureFibre installation has left 2 significant holes in my front yard and damage to the public sidewalk.  

I attempted to report these issues to Telus nearly 2 months ago. The first time nobody came to address the issues and apparently the service ticket does not exist. Six weeks later I placed a 2nd call and a service technician was dispatched to repair my internet (even though I am not a customer) and needless to say he was not prepared to fill holes and re-seed grass.


My question is:  who do I call to get this resolved properly?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Contact your municipal government. These installations usually occur on their right of way, and as owner, they are the ones to demand repair.

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Call your city Ombudsman.