Periodic internet and TV signal drops

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Recently moved and I was lucky enough to get fiber in the location. I noticed that once every two hours my wifi, internet and TV signal would drop for 10-20 seconds. It seems to be happening once an hour now. I can be recording something at 2am and when I watch it back there will be brief gaps in the playback.

Most times everything just freezes and then comes back up. Sometimes I get stuck in the "no signal on this channel" page for a bit and after moving up/down channels a couple times it comes back.

I thought maybe this was an issue with the telus modem (we have 2 PCs, 2 consoles, 3 4k wifi tv boxes and our phones connected) so I replaced it with a high-ish end router. Still the same thing.

Is this just a result of the local fiber network in my area? Perhaps something wrong with the fiber box to my router? Any thoughts would be helpful and appreciated.
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I suggest recording dates, times, and length of interruptions, so you have some information to provide to a Tech. Once done, contact Telus, and describe the issue. It is always best to gather solid information to support the issue you experience, rather than anecdotal information.


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Did you get this resolved?

I've had unresolved issues with telus wifi in Victoria since the day it was installed, 9 months ago. We're on our 9th or 10th technician without resolution. The issues are well documented in reddit and on the telus communities:
- wifi signals are fast but grossly unstable, meaning fast is meaningless
- cant stay connected to any devices, laptops, stereo equipment
- recovery from the dropped signal is getting worse every month, now less than 1 in 5 times.
- have done everything the techs have asked, been escalated to a national level of escalation support team and they are guessing, at best.
- I would suggest that anyone considering Telus check their neighbours to see if anyone is having issues and postpone the change. It's so bad that we are resorting to wireless (expensive and slow) access to do work.
- to the suggestion that signal density is the issue... so what? I've lived in much more dense neighbourhoods and had much better service with Bell, Rogers and Cogeco.
- there seems to be an idea that we solve these problems ourselves, encouraged by moderators on Telus sites. To this I say BS. I'm not a tech, have almost no knowledge and am too busy to do my own support. If that's not enough, I'm paying full price (over $120/month) for a service that's barely useable.