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Online Billing stuck on Past Internet Plan!!


This last summer, I changed my internet plan , over the phone, to a higher plan, part of a 2 year plan promotion.

My online billing still Bills me for my previous plan, which includes PikTV which I no longer have. I have contacted them a few times, and been told there is a GLITCH!! and my old cost is currently cheaper than the new cost, so they aren't changing it to save me money and going to resolve the billing glitch. 


My new plan has unlimited internet, but I still ended up getting overcharged because of my old plan, that has limited.


The fricken glitch STILL NOT RESOLVED! I tried changing the plan again , online, to see if that would override the so-called billing glitch. Nope, still got billed for the old plan. I have a feeling that the glitch will never be resolved. 


I am currently now paying the estimated amount plus tax for the plan I recently changed to.  Even if online it says I have to pay more. 


Anyone having the same weird problem with billing? Being charged for a previous plan online?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You will have to contact Telus directly, to have any account/billing issues resolved. I prefer live chat or twitter. Contact them here. 


They can manually adjust your account so shouldn’t be an issue. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you pay the estimated amount, Telus will deem your account in arrears, and it may affect your credit rating. I recommend @WestCoasterBC ‘s advice and suggest you ask for a long term discount, if the ‘glitch’ continues.


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