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No message waiting light?

Helpful Neighbour

I recently was updated to Telus fibre. All went smoothly BUT I now notice a couple of telephone related things.


1) I suddenly have call waiting. A feature I hate and would like to permanently disable. Yes PERMANENTLY!


2) I have 2 Panasonic wireless phones (1 is a single handset and the other is a set of 3 handsets). The message waiting light on multi-handset Panasonic phone no longer works? Both phones have an audible signal when a message waiting is left but only one has a flashing light? (Yes I have disconnected the working phone from the system and left a message but no joy. And yes both sets worked as they should before the change over).


Any assistance would be appreciated.





Community Power User
Community Power User

I suspect when they moved you to Telus fibre they gave you they gave you the Telus Home plan which includes all calling features.


You will likely need to talk to Telus to get this sorted out.


Here is the info from the Telus account page:


To change your plan, your display name, calling features, or to manage your directory listing, please call 1-888-811-2323

Helpful Neighbour

Thanks for the reply FuzzyLogic.


I called Telus and they suggested *70 to kill the "Call Waiting" feature. After I hung up I realized that was only temporary EACH time I got the message etc. So no solution from Telus.


On the lack of a voice mail light on the phone. They explained that was gone because of the fibre installation and was only available on "twisted pair". When I pointed out that the light on a 2nd Panasonic wireless system worked perfectly they were speechless.


So in summary, an hour on the phone resulted in a reboot of the system remotely and no solution I'm afraid.