No Internet for 7 Weeks - “Fail” Light

I am not sure what else to do before I cancel the service, so I decided to ask here.

I had TELUS fibre Internet installed on Aug 25 in my apartment which is in a new condo building. The tech was having a hard time getting the proper light strength and spent two hours until he finally got it.

On Sep 9 I lost my WiFi connection and after troubleshooting with TELUS found out that the Nokia ONT had the red “fail” light on. They sent another tech who couldn’t fix the issue and escalated to the “drop team”. After that, every time I called, I was told that they were looking into it. I contacted Telus on Twitter and was called by a customer services supervisor who told me that she was going to email the people who were looking after this. No contact since then and obviously no internet. Every other unit on my floor has working TELUS internet.

I am tired of calling and getting the same response. I suspect that there is a fault in the fibre cable or something along those lines. It’s also interesting that the first tech got it working and then it stopped after two weeks. Maybe another tech doing work for a different customer messed it up but failed to report. Anyway, my question is if anyone else had a similar issue and it you guys have any ideas about how I can make them address this?

I am not sure if I want to remain with TELUS either way, but I don’t want to lose leverage with Shaw down the road by having no fibre option.