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Issue getting PureFibre installed


In November 2017 I moved from Buffalo, NY to return to Canada and my family and children in Kimberley, BC.  Having had Fibre services through Verizon in the US, I was delighted that Kimberley had PureFibre available.

I signed up online and scheduled an appointment to have it installed before I arrived from the East. A family member waited for the installer who upon arrival told her that he could not install PureFibre at my townhome as the fibre had not been run to the unit from the pole across the street. I subsequently arranged with Telus for “copper service” and home telephone, in the hopes that the PureFibre would soon be installed.

The Strata President and the board approved the installation of PureFibre which was confirmed with Telus by the Strata President. After chasing this FOR MONTHS, I was told by Telus that they were looking at it but would not be doing anything at this time.

About six months later I received a letter from Telus telling me PureFibre was available at my address and to call if I wanted the service. In October of 2018, I contacted Telus to establish the service. I warned the CSR that in the past I’ve been told it’s available only to have issues when they come to install.

I was transferred to Ann-Marie with Telus PureFibre Support Team in the Edmonton.  She indicated that were was some sort of error in her system that needed to be addressed before we could proceed. She followed up several times as she waited for the issue to be corrected. She subsequently contacted me saying we were good to go with the installation and she scheduled an appointment for the install.

The technician arrived and promptly told me that he would not be able to install PureFibre. Ironically the technician told me that my neighbour in the unit right next door to me has had PureFibre for over a year. He indicated that Telus does not want to run individual lines from the main pole to each residence and would prefer to install a distribution box for each 4 unit building. He also told me that the Strata right next to our Strata is fully wired to each of their four unit buildings and that a Telus technician lives in that Strata. The technician also indicated that he had heard our Strata was upset that a wire had been run for one unit. (According to the Strata president, a tenant complained but the Strata had no issue with the Telus installation)

As he left I was gobsmacked PureFibre is widely available on my street and that my next door neighbour has the service!

I contacted Ann-Marie who provided a Telus email address for my Strata president to contact and obtain an update on the status.  He sent the email to the address provided by Ann-Marie on the same day I received it. A week later he had not had any response from Telus.

My Strata President is frustrated that he talked to Telus in the early months of 2018 confirming approval for installation but nothing has happened. As he recently said, “I need a contact so we can get this done!”

Ann-Marie suggested that in order to help speed up the process for the President to complete the “Strata Form” page on the Telus web site. This has been done at least 4 times over the past year without any subsequent contact from Telus.

Ann-Marie from the Edmonton PureFibre team has been outstanding in her customer service and commitment to resolving this issue. I can’t say enough about her keeping me informed as she has tried to move through the issue. She is a credit to the Telus organization.

I am posting this to Telus Support seeking help in getting this issue resolved. I really don’t know who or where else to turn to.  I never thought it would take over a year to get service that my next door neighbour already has.  I have been a business leader for a long time and cannot understand how an organization would ignore new customers and revenue for a product that is readily available.  

I’m sorry for the long story but I wanted to detail the history of this issue in the hopes of reaching someone who can oversee the resolution of this issue. I’m sure you will understand if I choose a different Internet/TV/Phone provider to address my needs going forward if this is not resolved in a timely manner.

Thanks for listening.


Hi @GBC,

Unfortunately this isn’t a customer support forum. We’re all customers like you here, helping each other out. If you check here ( you might have better success in reaching out through Twitter or one of the support channels! Cheers and good luck!

Thanks for your feedback. I know it's not the best forum for my issue but Telus did reach out to me. I've been at this for a year. They are supposed to come today but I am still not convinced I will have fibre service at the end of the day!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Having read through the wall o’ text, my guess is a lack of connection points at the pole, and back to previous node. This would be addressed by use of the existing Fibre to the 4-plex, and splitting it there, as hinted by Telus staff.

Not an easy fix.


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Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the long message. I know it's not the best forum for my issue but Telus did reach out to me. I've been at this for a year. They are supposed to come today but I am still not convinced I will have fibre service at the end of the day!

Just Moved In

May I suggest that you don't want to have Fibre anyway.  Your Ledcor representative will not tell you that, first of all, you will lose your 'free' Norton Security coverage even though the Telus website offers it for everyone.  Secondly, they will not tell you that any boxes that you previously had for free, other than two, you will now pay for.  AND, get ready for a whopping big bill in your second year of service.  Oh yeah, it really jumps up!  As far as speed, we noticed a small amount of difference, but not much.  Not really worth the huge jump in price in our opinion.  Telus has always been notorious for jumping into new services before ironing out all their 'kinks', you might want to just wait a while and study it all first.  Talk with those new neighbours after they have had it for a while and then decide.  Have fun!  Marg

Community Power User
Community Power User

A few comments @Marg2:

  • Ledcor is just the contracted installer of the base infrastructure - Telus is the organization you need to discuss plan options with.
  • There have been a number of discussions about Norton AV; and yes, the regular Internet and the PureFibre offerings are not identical in content. They are even under separate headings on the main Telus page.
  • Yes, there are signing bonuses, for one, and two years. Once past that you need to re-evaluate your options, or sign up for another contract.
  • The need for speed has been regularly challenged by long-time Neighbours. It is best used when divided among a number of users, as a single user will not see the full increase, as most servers from which the data comes cannot provide data to their user base at such speeds.
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