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Intermittant poor bandwidth

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I'm in the Edmonton, Alberta area and recently upgraded to Internet 25 on a copper DSL line. Normally I get 28.9 Mbps down and 2.9 Mbps up with a ping of 6 ms to the nearest TELUS server in Edmonton (via TELUS speed test). This afternoon and yesterday afternoon, my TELUS service has been intermittantly terrible:


Yesterday all afternoon: 9 Mbps down, 0.6 Mbps up, ping > 300 ms to TELUS Edmonton

Yesterday, all evening: 8.9 Mbps down, 2.9 Mbps up, ping 6 m (normal)

Today, 3:20pm: 8.6 Mbps down, 0.4 Mbps up, ping 168 ms

Today, 3:35pm: 19.1 Mbps down, 2.2 Mbps up, ping 8 ms


Test computer has a wired connection to the modem. I've tried sequentially rebooting my routers during the periods of poor service without effect. My pings go up and down on timescales of seconds independent of my internet usage. Any idea what could be a cause or solution for this behaviour? Is TELUS messing with their infrastructure this weekend?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you're hardwired and have rebooted everything, including the modem, call Telus. Do not use chat since the connection will drop when they troubleshoot. If the connection itself is having issues, they can usually spot it pretty fast.


Also, how many routers do you have? There is a chance that if you have multiple routers, that aren't configured correctly, there may be conflicts. When testing, are you hardwired directly to the Telus modem?

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I have my own D-Link DIR-655 that is bridged through the TELUS router/modem. It's never been an issue before.


I'll give TELUS a call.