Interfering with Hdmi CEC Consumer Electronics Control

For those that do not know what it is:
Consumer Electronics Control is a feature of HDMI designed to allow users to command and control devices connected through HDMI by using only one remote control. For example, by using the remote control of a television set to control a set-top box and/or DVD player. Up to 15 devices can be controlled. Wikipedia

How it works on cisco 71xx series and lower set top boxes:

Switch TV to hdmi 2
(with optic stb on it) the surround sound amplifier switches itself automatically to the correct sound input.

Turn TV off :
The surround sound box and everything else gets turned off same time.

Switch to bluray dvd, or simply put a disc into it, everything else gets ready to play its sound and video.

It's been around for over 10 years, why is telus letting cisco or Microsoft do this?

It's under many names depending on mfg:
LG calls it Simlink or Simple link
Yamaha calls it Anynet
Samsung calls it ....

Every mfg has it, they are all cross compatible. However 1 device without it, will/could cause interference . The only solution is to out that device on a hdmi switch .

Not a elegant solution, clunky, pita

I have been trying to find a solution for this problem ever since the new 4k boxes came out. There was another thread about this but they locked it so that no one can add any more info. But someone said they came up with a solution. Use a Lindy HDMI CEC Less Adapter, Female to Male (41232) at $25. And that is supposed to solve the problem.

Now I just got a call from Telus telling me they got a new box, so I asked him if it solves this problem and he didn't know anything about it, So my question is are the new boxes going to fix this issue, or do I have to go out and spend $25 to fix your new Telus box, or is everyone at Telus have no idea like this guy on the phone?

Do you have a model number for the new box? Maybe you can get some specs online if you have the model. Did TELUS say whether they would swap out your box for the new one?

yes they said they would swap it out for my old one but I didn't get a model number.


Do you have any info about the new box that Telus is promoting? Do you know anything about CEC? Does anyone at Telus know anything about any of this. If not I recommend reading this forum, there's lots of info right here on this forum. Can someone please look into this and fix it.

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Good News !!! New firmware fixes this all boxes. It added hdmi-cec support. I've used the 5050 box ( 2017) and the 4100 4k box (2018) verified working. Prior my only resolution was to use 7105 box (circa 2014)

Hey Jim I'm writing this March 2019,

To my surprise the new firmware fixed this on all the previous boxes. This is the firmware where the EPG has non viewable programs in black , and programs you can watch in grey. It also has much much larger on screen writing , when you press Menu key. Firmware Update came out in Feb 2019

If your box doesn't have this (some friends did not , simply press Menu then goto last options and hit restart box.

Or call 310-4net and ask them how (If you have a spare hour lol)

Simply enough people complained and they re added a feature that makes our $2,000-8k tv systems work as they used ro and should. Also the 4k boxes have DLNA - Chromecast style media sending from your phone to the tv via 4k box inbuilt YouTube.

I'm not sure why but they've disabled the other oltic tv ie the 5050 , 7105 etc wireless boxes from being able to run thier own YouTube app. Which sucks.

I did the update and it didn't resolve my issue. Doesn't sound like we were having the same problem. I am using a older box ( the 5050) I was going to upgrade to the new box. But it doesn't look like it's going to help. But thanks anyway.


Can you please tell me the issue that you say was fixed from this new update. I only ask because the title of your post is "Optic_Issues_2B_Resolved " And there's nothing in this thread about Optic issue. So I wondering maybe this was posted on the wrong thread.

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@Jim_Kirk wrote:

Can you please tell me the issue that you say was fixed from this new update. I only ask because the title of your post is "Optic_Issues_2B_Resolved " And there's nothing in this thread about Optic issue. So I wondering maybe this was posted on the wrong thread.

"Optik Issues2B Resolved" is the name the user chose when they came to the Neighbourhood. It is confusing when folks choose a name which could be construed as a topic title.


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OIC  well do you know what was fixed? Because nothing got fixed on my set up.

The subject of the topic is sec hdmi
That's what was fixed.

Scroll up to my 1st post here . That's the problem. As I outline it's fixed with latest software update.

If you don't see it fixed call Telus me tell them your unit will not update to the latest software for the box . They'll.swnd someone out for free.
Jim i do not work for Telus, I'm a customer just like you.

A hdmi-cec-less adapter is a waste of money.

Whoever told you to get that is clueless. Telus and every major Legal TV provider, have to have the following in thier system :

Encrypted Recorded Content or CMSS


HDCP HDMI Content Protection (on wire)

Stripping anything from the hdmi signal will make the box display a black screen with hdcp error message


link integrity message.

This is to prevent you from ordering a ppv or other copyright content for $7 then sending copies to all of your friends, or putting them on your site, page, tube and making money etc etc aka piracy of something that cost hundreds of thousands to make.

There is no way to mess with HDMI and not trigger a protection.

Anyhow original problem is solved I've tested on two boxes if it's not solved for you ask for a 7105 receiver or a 7150 pvr those have