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I just recently upgraded to Gigabit internet from the 150 speed and my speed wired has not changed

Just Moved In

So pretty much just bought the Gigabit package a few hours ago reset my modem and my devices and the speed has not changed one bit my wireless and wired connections are running at the exact same speed they were before we bought this internet is there something that I'm doing wrong or is it just gonna take a few days for them to update the internet speed?


Friendly Neighbour

Hi Tanvir,


I just got the 1G speed as well yesterday, switched over from Shaw. Max wired speed i can get is only 850. I called tech, they did their standard procedure (reset optic connection and modem). I got no improvement afterwards, and all he said was "Contractually we only guarantee 75% of the speed, so there's nothing further needs to be done"


Some kind of bull**bleep** service. I regret switching over to Telus.

I would definitely escalate this.