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Getting fibre installed while the crew is in the area - Painful if not impossible

Just Moved In

I was just trying to get fibre connected to my home WHILE THE CREW IS CONNECTING HOMES ON MY STREET. All I get is "fill out the online form and someone "should" contact you someday". I called telus 3 times in the last 3 weeks to find out how to get telus fibre and was given the WRONG INFO EACH TIME. I was told to check availability when I should have been directed to the "Get Connected" page. The construction/installation person gave me the correct link to get connected, and now I can only hope that I get connected. No one seems to care or want to actually do anything. Telus seems to follow the "just wait and it should happen" plan. If this is the pre-sales stage it pretty un-impressive. Feels like dealing with the government with less enthusiasm.


It seems strange that they would not want to do the connections while the workers are in the area. I have holes and patches of dirt on my lawn, dots of spray paint on my driveway and muddy footprints on my sidewalk along my garage from them connecting my neighbour. Is it too much to ask to connect my home at the same time?  If Shaw offered the same level of service, I would not even consider telus, but at the moment they don't.


It's interesting how they hound you to get your permission to run fibre across your property but are incredibly un-responsive when you want to purchase the service. No wonder we have such high rates in Canada.



@Gregm123  If your request was not part of the other peoples work order you will have to wait. Your work order will be processed and then sent to the  crew. The  installation crew may have moved to another town or subdivision. Two crews outside installation and interior install guy. It will take time but will get done. People here said no more wires to my house one month down road construction crew gone so they waited till next year. 

I appreciate the feedback. The issue as I see it is they are running all the fibre to the neighbourhood now. There are trucks with the orange conduit, vacuum trucks, teams with shovels, hydroseed trucks, dump trucks with dirt, and more. In my simplified view, it would make sense to connect as many homes as possible while all the crews are there. I am frustrated by the red tape, lack of commitment, and a general "talk to someone who cares" attitude. This generalization excludes the workers that are actually getting things done. They have been very helpful in giving me info that telus did not.

@Gregm123  You will get it  and it is annoying to get info from telus. Just wait for gmail conversion. Very bad process to have it done. Copy any emails you want to save or store them somewhere else on computer. Print out your contacts alot of people lost everything just a warning. Patience what else can you do. I have 25/25 plenty for us. The reason i went fiber was that phone line was terrible with noise old old copper lines with internet ups and down and finally to 25/25 because of data usage. Good luck Polecat

Interestingly I just had a guy come to my door at 7:30 PM on a Friday and asked me to confirm where I wanted the fiber to come to my house. He knew exactly what I told that last group of 3 people that came to my house. Encouraging that they can keep notes that are accurate. He tells me they will come tomorrow and bring it to the outside wall. We have it right down to the brick as to where it will mount the junction box with the fiber all rolled up inside, in case I ever decide to have the fiber service installed -- which of course is a totally different crew again....


We have had crews on our street/yard off and on over the whole summer. The seem to use different contractors for each phase of the work. At least one contractor has been fired, and now another crew are coming around and doing that part over again. We are on the third iteration of how they are going to bring the fiber into the house. If they had simply come and asked it would have only had to be done once. I can't get excited over it in any case. I just want to avoid having them drill core holes and my driveway and sidewalk. I pay $52 or so for Internet 75, and can't think of a reason to pay more for fiber. I'm expecting at some point they will come to the door and try to upsell me, but nothing so far, and I can wait...