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Fibre internet

Just Moved In
Greetings everyone. I am new to this forum and just wanted to ask a few question regarding the service I got. Back in last week of July I applied for a Purefibre 500 at their store for my new place and explained to the sales rep that I’m not sure if they have a line already or not and I want it to be installed at the time I move in which is Aug 1. The rep told me they already have a line so they would just send the wifi modem. Fast forward Aug 1, I got the modem which is a wifi 6 booster and I was calling them regarding my internet service as I don’t have a a data port or network hub to plug in the modem. They kept telling me that it should be a plug and play but I kept insisting that it was not, for I don’t have any ports to plug the other end. It took them almost 3 weeks, before they sent a tech and for me, I have no internet in those times. The tech just ran a fibre line from outside my place and then gave me a fibre terminal box and he changed my Telus boost wifi6 to an Arcadyan Telus Wifi hub. So my questions are: 1.) is it necessary for the tech to change my modem? And is this Arcadyan wifi hub a wifi 6 compatible? (I’m not well educated regarding these stuff so if anyone would explain or enlighten me with this would be much appreciated) 2.) is there anything that Telus could do or compensate for the long period that they took before they could connect me? It cost me so much especially as I am working from home so I used most of my data and requested for more and went to some coffee shop to get internet.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. We definitely can escalate this to have someone call you back regarding compensation for that lost time. To do so, we'd need to verify your account and gather your info, so send us a message over at our Twitter or Facebook pages so we can start that process.