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Expensive Services

Just Moved In
So I am currently on Telus Optik TV and Internet 50. On my TV services I only have the "You pick 6" package and the bill is $88.00 and internet 50 with 50mbps Download and 10mbps Upload with Unlimited and the bill is $100.00. I see other tv & internet services at greater prices on Telus right now. Faster internet speeds for a much cheaper price. Altogether I pay $200.00 for my services and the the channels I have are so little. I seriously feel ripped off and the bill takes a large chunk of my budget. I am a valued customer and I pay my bills. But if this rip-off **bleep** doesn't get resolve, then I will go to Shaw with their 300mbps internet service for $85 on a 2 year plan. I was happy with Telus at the beginning but now I feel totally ripped off with such a small amount of channels. What the hell am I paying for??

This is just a discussion forum, so we can’t solve your problem. I think you should call the “loyalty” department at Telus and explain calmly that you’re re-evaluating what you’re getting and the comparison of what you could get elsewhere for your money. I suspect they will want to make you happy. You have nothing to lose.


Definitely call in to loyalty if you aren't happy with the bill. Shaw recently release some very aggressive pricing on Internet and TV so Telus is countering with their own deals. If you speak with Loyalty you should have no problem getting them to apply discounts to keep you with Telus.