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Discounts not applied.

Just Moved In

It is so weird how Telus did this to me. 


Got internet $135 - three mobile lines with data $85 + $55 + $55 

I was told that I will get whatever discounts on the internet ( That I got ). For mobility my first bill had no discounts applied. I was told I will get $20 off + $10 for each line, that is a total of $40 on my  bill in discount. 


When I called the Telus rep told me it will be applied on the second or third month! Not right away. WHAT! I told him that does not make sense, I was told when I get a line I will get these discounts, I can understand that the discounts might be reflected later, but not applied on my first two or three bills??? 


I asked to escalate, now I am on hold for 2+ hours. 

I am willing to pay more now for other providers and not deal with this crap. 



@Gabrile  Any of my dealings with Telus i ask for an EMAIL stating what they are with contract length. Then i respond back on the EMAIL. you get a return option on the mail

Community Power User
Community Power User

My experience is discounts are applied in the first FULL month after you make changes. The period between when you make a purchase and your assigned billing date is usually not a month, and if really close to the end of your billing period may await the NEXT following month to be applied. So yes, the apparent second or third month.


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