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Complaint: Slow Internet Speeds and Inefficient Customer Support Experience

Just Moved In

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the current internet speeds I am experiencing as well as the inefficient customer support experience I have encountered with Telus.

Firstly, I have been consistently receiving speeds of around 50 Mbps, despite paying for a 1 Gbps connection. This significant disparity in advertised versus actual speeds is unacceptable. As a loyal customer, I expected reliable and high-speed internet service, but unfortunately, that has not been the case. I rely on a fast and stable connection for various activities, and the current sluggish speeds are hindering my online experience.

Moreover, my attempts to seek assistance through Telus' automated chat support service have proven to be extremely frustrating. The automated chat service does not seem to understand even the most basic tasks or comprehend the specific issues I am facing. It feels like I am stuck in a loop of generic responses that do not address my concerns. The lack of efficient and competent customer support significantly impacts my ability to have my problems addressed in a timely manner.

To exacerbate the situation further, the wait times to speak with a live agent have been excessively long. Spending valuable time waiting on hold only to be met with inadequate assistance is both inconvenient and inefficient. As a customer, I expect prompt and effective support, especially when dealing with critical issues like slow internet speeds.

I am disappointed by the current state of affairs and strongly urge Telus to take immediate action to rectify these problems. I request a thorough investigation into the cause of the slow internet speeds, along with a viable solution to restore the promised 1 Gbps speeds. Additionally, I implore you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer support services, including reducing wait times and ensuring that the automated chat support system is capable of addressing customer concerns adequately.

I understand that technical issues may arise, but as a paying customer, I expect transparency, accountability, and a resolution to these ongoing problems. If these issues persist without proper attention, I may have no choice but to consider switching back to my previous provider, which provided better service and customer support.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear about this experience you've had. We actually have a number of articles and videos for troubleshooting internet speeds and connectivity issues:


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Hopefully that can help you get to the bottom of the internet speed issue you're experiencing. As for the long wait times getting through to our Tech Support team, I do apologize for that as well. They're available 24/7 and often times reaching out earlier in the day or later in the evening leads to shorter wait times!