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Cancel internet with 1.5 years contract left?

Just Moved In
I moved to a small town. There’s a local Telus dealer, I went in and was told my only internet option is rural internet with 25mbps at over $100/month in total. I signed up through the online agent as I was told I would get my internet faster if I install everything myself. The rep promised to call me a month before the 1 month trial period is up to see if I want to cancel; I never got to speak to the rep. The internet has been slow and unreliable, unplugging a modem is almost a daily thing. Often, streaming is stuttered/not possible.

I talked to my colleague last week then found out East Link is available at my complex for $80/month I get 350mpbs (more than 10x what I’m getting now) and for the same price I’m paying Telus I could get 1Gbps (about 40x Telus speed for the same price. I know it’s my fault, but I feel ripped off by Telus. For a very small town, their local dealer/reseller could recommend I go with East Link; both local reseller/and online agent just fiat out told me that rural internet is the fastest I could get. I feel sick getting taken for a ride by a wealthy company like a Telus. 25mbps is slow and interferes with my activity of daily living. Any way I can get out of contract with Telus because I believe they know that East Link can provide faster internet for less, but misled me into thinking their rural 25mbps internet is the best I can get at my place.

admitted it was my bad for not canceling before the 1 month trial/did more due diligence.

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Community Power User

You can learn more about cancelling your contract here and here